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More Comments from Radiant Purity Conference Attendees
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The conference was wonderful; the team of young women did a great job in making the most of every minute they had with the young ladies. The team of leaders were wonderful role models, and the whole group 'radiated purity'.  They were bold for the Lord and sincere with their testimonies, entertaining and purposeful with their skits, and passionately filled by the Spirit with their message!

The topic of modesty was well spoken and demonstrated.  I made a commitment to dress modestly with no regards to the world’s encouragement of sensuality. – 17 year old young lady  

Thank you!  Thank you!  I appreciate the pure discreet word you use.  I do not feel defiled after hearing you as I do from other messages on this topic.

The topic “How to Guard Your Heart” when you have a crush was very convicting.  It was a direct answer to prayer for me.  I feel better equipped now to lead my daughter in this area.

I made a commitment to wait on the Lord, not to date and go with the world’s ways but to follow the Lord.

I plan to share all secrets with my mom.  The courting part was definitely new to me, especially since it looks like I may be asked out on a date by a guy I have a crush on. I may do the courtship thing, and not date this guy who I really like. – 13 year old girl

After arriving home, we snuggled on my daughter’s bed and read through her notes, the questions, etc. She poured out her heart to me and used many word pictures to describe what she was feeling. While at the conference my daughter was permeated with the presence of God! The purity touched her deeply. My husband and I are so grateful and thankful that she has been given a vision … She has seen young women totally separated unto the Lord. She saw that 'you can do it, remain pure and holy in a dark a perverse world.'”

Tears are in my eyes as I write. Words fail me. I have been tremendously blessed, encouraged, convicted, and more! Please come back to Florida!

The basic material was so edifying, presentations so well done. The skits were right on target and just the right amount of humor. I’ve been to a lot of conferences over the years but this has been one of the most helpful and truly exalted our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you so much and may the Lord continue to bless your ministry. – 70ish year old woman

[My favorite parts of the conference were]… the small group sessions, the video testimonies, the awesome review of contentment, guarding your heart, etc. I also love how there was so much variety and creativity in the scheduling—between serious sessions, funny skits, encouraging small group discussions, and good music. Our days just flew by! I plan to tell my mom about my “crushes”, commit to treat guys (and “prospects”) as brothers and another woman’s husband, and to rededicate my heart to my dad.

I made a commitment to take time with my wife weekly to set up a schedule and pray for God’s guidance. – father

A few weeks ago I [a Bright Lights leader in Ohio] received a phone call from a young lady who attended your Radiant Purity conference with us last year. She said that she was so blessed by it that she thinks about the conference every day!!!  God used it tremendously in her life, and she wanted me to ask you if you could PLEASE come and give this conference again!!!  At the time she was in an emotional relationship with a young man, and knows that her situation prevented her from receiving all the benefits of the conference.  She would love to attend again with a more open heart to what the Lord wants her to apply to her life!  I am just thrilled at this testimony, as I really thought she would end up marrying this young man.  We invited her at the last minute, and it is all of the Lord that she was able to come. PRAISE HIM!!!